Introduction to FOPD

introduction to fopd

Fekr Organization of Psychosocial Development (FOPD) is nongovernment, free, independent and nonsectarian organization which is established in 2009. This organization officially is registered to Ministry of Economy in 2013, Ministry of women affaires and
Ministry of Public Health in the same time.

FOPD organization is establish for psychosocial and cultural pains of Afghans society and try to increase the well-being of Afghan people. The main target groups of this organization is vulnerable groups of community like women (wife house, pregnant women, single and married women, girls and teenager, women effected by rape, sexual harassment, violence mentally and psychical). Children and education (children in school, street children, worker children and children effected by violence and rape), persons with disabilities (physical and mental disabilities).
The overall goal of organization is to increase the well - being of Afghan people by preparing psychosocial and educational opportunities, and also mental reconstruction of Afghan society by preparing psychosocial, educational opportunities for everybody andorganizes psychological researches.